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Website First ImpressionYou know the old saying “Never judge a book by its cover”? It may be a strong life philosophy, but unfortunately, in the digital world, people judge you by your cover. And that’s the bitter truth.
Immediate judgements are a fact of life. In fact, in the digital world, first impressions makes or breaks the deal. It takes less than 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds)  for people to create an impression about your brand when they look at your website? 0.05 seconds – that’s all a user needs to determine what kind of company you are, whether you’re trustworthy, and whether you really are what you say you are. Also, whether they want to stay or leave.

A good and sensible web design ensures trust in your business. In fact, a company’s credibility has a lot to do with their web site design. According to web credibility research from Stanford, 75% of users admit to making immediate judgments about a company based on their website.

In today’s day & age, 85% of customers search online before making a purchasing decision. So allow your website speak for itself, allow it to capture a prospect by its’ first impression. Therefore, the look & feel of your website is the primary driver to giving the right first impression!

Design Matters – 94% of the users’ first impressions are design-related. This does not mean that quality content does not matter. In fact, good quality content is an extremely essential factor to a company’s credibility as well. However, even if you have the best content with poor design. The power of the content does not communicate through. Studies of user experience have found that visual appeal and website navigation have the biggest influence on people’s first impressions of your brand.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Once users form an impression on your brand, you don’t get a second chance. A study finds that subsequent impressions, no matter how contradictory, can never make up for the first impression.

The truth is, visual design matters. A lot. And you’ve probably experienced this yourself, intuitively. You form an impression about a website within milliseconds, even before you are start reading the content.

Does your website have a good first impression?

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