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Dear Saurav Ganguly, Ranbeer Kapoor, Cameron Smith, Corey Parker 

Karan & I tease you about you looking like these famous people named above and you having the same physical and personality characteristics of them. I.e Gangulys head, Ranbeers nose, camerons smiths stubble and jaw, corey parkers hair. But it’s no surprise the celebrities we compare you to are all  natural LEADERS.

Ganguly – Captain of India

Ranbeer – Biggest actor in India

Cameron Smith – Captain for his club, state & Country

Corey Parker – Captain of Brisbane Broncos

Girish Bhojwani – Captain of MNB & the Bhojwani family.

You exemplify traits of a person that many people would aspire to be one day. In my eyes you are in the league of extraordinary gentleman. You are a balanced individual, motivational, go getter, family man, business man, wanna be bollywood dancer – All in all, a well rounded individual. You turn 35 today but you seriously act like a 21 year old!!! Your energy always feels very young to be around and i love it. I seriously can’t believe you are 35, you don’t understand. You have that much energy, look that much younger than me, challenge me on the tennis court that i feel like a buddy my age always is always beside me.

I couldn’t imagine my personal & work life without you every step of the way – As time goes on we only get stronger and stronger, spend more time together, have more interests and always trying to take strides in the right direction and progressing.

I am ALWAYS here for you with anything you need in life as i have too much respect for you to ever let you down!

You are made to be a DAD, you are going to be amazing at it and i can’t wait for the blessing addition of GIA to the family. A girl nonetheless, will become the next female Sachin Tendulkar.

Love you Big bro