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Brands we’ve served

Our designs span across many industries from education to fashion and entertainment, and through a diverse spectrum of media such as branding, web design, video production, graphic design, etc. We take pride in our versatility and experience across all of the media and industries listed.
Our highest priority is to provide customer service. We achieve this by understanding exactly what the project needs are from the start and from then onwards, working closely together with the client/employer to involve them in the process of the work being produced.

“Kranberry managed to quickly grasp our institution’s century-old history and values, and project them seemingly effortlessly into an informative yet elegant and contemporary web design. We uphold the classic traditions of French gastronomy, while also striving to be at the forefront of culinary innovation and inspire the next generation of star chefs. Kranberry succeeded in capturing visually that subtle balance, and most importantly was able to convey the intangible human element – the energy and passion driving all of us. Last but not least, it was a pleasure to work with the Kranberry team, and we will continue to do so going forward.”

Benjamin Grenier

Head of Business Development, The Institut Culinaire Disciples Escoffier (ICDE)

“Our company is extremely satisfied with the amount of time and work that Kranberry Studio has invested in helping us to maintain and later redesign our corporate website. They have been very helpful and ready to give us advise on common practices in website design and layout. We are grateful to them for pointing out some ideas that seemed amazing to us but were too difficult to implement at this stage. One can say that working with Kranberry Studio is rather an all-around service that we value a lot. They are highly professional, reliable and efficient partner, Vintage Vodka would certainly recommend.”

Alexander (Sasha) Sagan

CEO, Vintage Vodka

“Collaborating with Kranberry Studio especially on the design phase of our client website was an excellent choice. Efficient, clear and straight forward, They understood our needs well and showed enough flexibility to create a proficient exchange. I would definitely recommend Kranberry Studio for your projects.”

Antoine Vatar

Luxury Brand Manager, Think it Twice

“Kranberry Studio is full of energy and passion. I had a great experience working with them on a product development project and a product video. They are good listeners, very creative and professional. They bridge a vague idea into a vivid visualisation and work around the clock to meet our requirements. It was my pleasure to have worked with them and would recommend anyone who is looking for a creative designers to work with them.”

Fanny Cheng

President, Medeli Electronics, Co. Ltd

“I enjoyed working with Kranberry Studio on my logo and website.

In the case of my logo, Kranberry took my fairly finalised design idea, helped me work through the kinks, kicked it up a notch and gave me a professional and polished final product that I really like.

In the case of my website, Kranberry created a lovely, warm and inviting site even though at the beginning, I was a bit lost in terms of ideas. Kranberry knew which questions to ask and took my feedback well. In the end, I got a professional-looking site that had the feel I was looking for all along.¬†All this with a pleasant manner, timely results and a price that fit my budget.¬†Thanks Kranberry!”

Maureen Lee

Founder, Constantly Curious

“I have worked with a number of design companies over many years, and I think Kranberry is a great company to work with! Creative ideas, great designs, reasonable prices, quick turnaround… a marketer’s dream come true!”

Mush Panjwani

Director Sales, Marketing & Training, Learning Time

* Kranberry Studio may have indirectly worked with or for the listed companies with or under another agency.
* The above list includes work that the owner/owners of Kranberry Studio may have completed through personal terms or another professional platform