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  1. Yellow, Blue & Dark Gray

    The color combination seems unusual at first, especially considering the dullness of the yellow. However, combine a dull yellow with a beautiful shade of blue and a splash of dark gray and you have something that looks rather attractive.

    Yellow: Warmth

    Blue: Professionalism and Trust

    Black: Authority and Boldness

  1. Purple, Wood-Brown & Rich Bluewoodpurpleblue

    This unthought-of concoction of colors comes together to give a fashionable feeling of royalty and luxury. The wood element combined with the purple gives the combination a design-oriented look that would suit many brands in the area of fashion or interior design.

    Purple: Royalty & Luxury

    Brown: Earthly & Reliable

    Blue: Professionalism

  1. Lime & Black

    This color combination has elements of two very opposing ideas. Green is all about naturalism, while black is all about boldness and mystery. That’s why the lime-green creates a great combination with the black because it’s natural, but just not natural enough. Together the colors look the zesty kind of professional.

    Green: Naturalness, Harmony

    Black: Authority, Mystery

  1. Cream-Pink & Silver-Gray

    The complexity of these colors itself signifies the pure luxury of their combination. This combination suits very high-end tailor-made products. It would work extremely well for boutiques of any kind.

    Pink: Feminine & Innocence

    Gray: Respect & Somberness


  1. Purple & Gray

    This combination is my personal favorite because not only is it luxurious, but the calmness of the gray gives the combination an extremely attractive element. Some combinations of purple & gray look so good they are almost seductive. The gray complements the purple such that the combination just screams royalty! While purple and black might be too bold, purple and gray is the perfect way to highlight the luxurious and rich purple.

    Purple: Royalty & Luxury

    Gray: Somberness & Respect

Does your brand represent any of these color-qualities? If they do, these colors would be a perfect fit for your branding!